My primary clinical practice is to provide expert emergency room and inpatient consultations in the areas of Infectious Diseases (including Transplant ID) and General Internal Medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital (Glen Campus of the McGill University Health Centre).  I also periodically work on the ID service at the Montreal General Hospital. 


I provide expert outpatient consultations in Infectious Diseases through my involvement with the Fellow's Clinic held weekly at the Royal Victoria Hospital. This clinic sees adult patients by referral only. 

While open to most secondary and tertiary care referrals, our growing area of expertise is in the management of endovascular infections, infections in patients with immunocompromise, and infections involving the endemic mycoses.

Referrals from physicians in Quebec can be made by fax 514-934-4404; for second opinions or from out of province please contact me directly via email.  

Unfortunately, consultation is available only to patients who are residents of Canada outside of emergencies and refugee health.